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Pastor Mike and Kathy

pastor and kathy 2 Pastor Mike and Kathy grew up in the midwest and have been together since the 4th grade! (Married in 1990) Pastor believes the first person husbands get to show their love for God to is their wife. (MAtt.22.37-40) Mike and Kathy are head-over-heals in love and have three grown (and married!) children and 5 grandkids. Pastor has a passion for pursuing a personal relationship with Christ, constant prayer, the church, the lost, all things theological, the great outdoors and all his kiddos.

Pastor was saved in 1994 and through the miraculous working of God in Christ has been delivered from the evils of abuse, alcohol and drugs. He now holds an A.S., Bachelor's in ministry, a Master's in Apologetics and is currently wrapping up a MDiv. while considering Phd. studies.

He wants to see the Kingdom of God grow in the hearts and minds here in Kitsap County!

Pastor Mike's sermons are designed with New Beginnings Church in mind while seeking The Lord each week. We generally teach through books of the Bible, (John 17.17) and sometimes we study topically, but its always biblical, applicable and challenging. You will grow as a believer if you attend New Beginnings for very long. Pastor understands, "My style and gifting is not for everyone, but everyone grows as we study the Word together--The Word always hits its mark! (Is. 55.11; Heb. 4.12) It has and is changing my life!!!" (Ok, sometimes he gets a little excited.) He is the first to admit he is nowhere near perfect, but His Savior is. He is always open for a cup of coffee or discussion and especially prayer. Come worship with us!

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Worship Service11:00am – 12:15pm
Worship Service11:00am – 12:15pm